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How To Pick The Right Funeral Home Location

If the person who died will be buried in the city in which he or she died, you will likely want to choose a funeral home in that city. If the burial will take place in another city, you'll want to contact a funeral home in that city.

If The Body Will Transported To Another City For Burial

If the body will be transported out of the city in which the person died and buried in another city, you should first find a funeral home in the city in which the burial will take place. That funeral home may be able to handle all your local needs and coordinate transportation of the body without the need for engage with a second, local funeral home.

Costs Associated With Using Multiple Funeral Homes

Be aware that most funeral homes will charge a fee for transporting a body from one funeral home to another. This is referred to as “forwarding remains” to a funeral home and “receiving remains” from a funeral home, and you will likely have to pay both funeral homes for their forwarding and receiving services. The fee for forwarding remains to another funeral home usually ranges from $1000.00 to $3000.00. The fee for receiving remains from another funeral home usually ranges from $800.00 to $2500.00.

To find a funeral home, use our resource Guide: Finding a Funeral Home.

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