How To Locate Lost Insurance Policies

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If you think or know the recently deceased had Life Insurance, and you can’t find the actual policy, there are a number of other places you can look to try and locate the information.

The Deceased’s Employer

Many people purchase Life Insurance through the companies they work for. Contact the deceased’s current or previous employers to see if he or she had purchased insurance through the company.

Accountants And Financial Advisors

Current or past accountants or financial advisors that the deceased worked with may know about any Life Insurance policies. Check address books or document letterhead for the names and addresses of these types of professionals.

Close Friends

Many people talk casually or seriously with their friends about their financial and legal arrangements. If you can’t find the insurance policy through any of the above methods, you might consider talking to someone who was a close friend of the person who died to see if he or she knows anything about the deceased’s life insurance.

Online Companies

There are many online companies and services that that will help you locate lost insurance policies, in addition to any other lost assets you may be entitled to. These companies will usually take a percentage of the amount of assets they find on your behalf. Because of this, it’s generally better to try and find the lost accounts yourself.

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