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How To Keep Track Of All Your Care Providers

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This is for those who need extra care to manage a chronic condition or illness.

This team is comprised of nurses, therapists, family and friends, and other medical professionals. To start, you want to determine your team from this list of types of providers:

  • Family member or friend
  • Nurse
  • Adult Day Care
  • Therapist/Specialist
  • Other

From there, just Include the contact info for each caregiver and additional notes or instructions related to that person. If you’re interested in organizing the rest of your medical team, check out this article: How To Keep Track Of All Your Doctors And Medical Professionals

Keep Your Plan Up-To-Date: Make sure all of the stuff listed above is neatly organized, updated, and shared in the “Care Providers” section of your Everplan. (Learn more and sign up here!)

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