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How To Conduct A Post-Funeral Memorialization

Remember the person who died through physical objects, such as a headstone, or events, such as scattering ashes. Observe any religious memorial customs or events.

Three Aspects To Consider When Conducting A Post-Funeral Memorialization

Purchase a headstone or grave marker, if the remains were buried

Many cemeteries have requirements regarding the size, shape, and sometimes even the design of headstones.

Make sure you know what the cemetery’s requirements are before you begin the process of purchasing a headstone.

If the remains were cremated, scatter the ashes If the person who died specified where he or she would like his or her ashes scattered, follow those instructions. If no instructions were made, consider selecting a meaningful location.

Observe religious customs

In Judaism, there are memorial events such as shloshim, yahrzeit, yizkor, and a headstone unveiling one year after the death. In Hinduism, there is the memorial event of sraddha. There may be specific mourning and memorial events in your community or culture.

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