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How A Funeral Home Cosmetically Prepares A Body

After the body is embalmed, cosmetics are applied to the body and the hair is styled to create a more life-like appearance.


The amount of makeup that is applied and cosmetic work that is done depends on the condition of the body. In most cases, moisturizing lotion is applied to the face, lips, and hands. Makeup will be applied to the face, neck, and hands in order to make the person look as alive as possible and cover up any blemishes, discoloration, or marks of illness. Powder may be applied in order to keep the body dry and absorb any naturally secreted oils. In some cases, fingernails will be painted with polish.

Hair Styling

The hair will be styled for a life-like appearance. If the person who died wore a wig or toupee, that will be used. The hair may be washed and set, or simply brushed, depending on the situation.

Cosmetic Reconstruction

In cases where the body suffered from a degenerative illness or an injurious accident, cosmetic reconstruction may be necessary. The embalmer will use wax, plaster, cotton, and other materials to return the person's face and body to its earlier form.

Clothing The Deceased

Finally, the body will be dressed in clothing that you have selected and placed in the casket.

For tips on how to clothe the body, see our article Clothing the Deceased.

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