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Guide: Online Memorial Website Services

There are many options for creating an online presence for a loved one after they have died. Here are a few of the options available.

What You Need To Know

Many of these sites offer paid options that include additional features. The primary goal of each is to create a place where family and friends can honor and remember those who have died. Features and pricing vary widely and this list is by no means comprehensive, but we hope it will point you to a few good places (listed in alphabetical order).

Forever Missed

Forever Missed is a very user-friendly site. They provide a wide array of templates ranging from military, children's and everything in between. They provide a limited selection of background music as well. You can log in with Facebook, control the privacy (public or private) and allow visitors to leave virtual flowers and lights. Premium features include unlimited photos and videos, a custom playlist of songs, illustrated stories, and multiple administrators.

PRICING: Basic is Free; Monthly: $6, Yearly: $47.88, Lifetime: $95 one-time fee

Mem, which stands for Making Everlasting Memories, is included here because it's one of the larger online memorial websites. However, it is run by SCI funeral homes and not available to the general public. To get a memorial on, which has all the features you would expect, you must go through an SCI-owned funeral home.

PRICING: Not applicable

Memorial Source

Memorial Source allows users to create a modern, elegant memorial page that can easily be shared with friends and family. All memorial pages include an unlimited amount of text to tell your loved one's story, a photo gallery, a memory wall where others can leave messages and photos, and a section for listing memorial service details. Premium plans ensure the page is active on an ongoing or lifetime basis, and feature unlimited photos and multiple page administrators.

PRICING: Basic is Free; Monthly: $7; Lifetime: $99

Memories is one largest provider of online memorials and obituaries. They have a clean and simple design (check out an example here), which allows users to upload photos and videos, share life stories and select from a library of quotes. In addition people can customise the page background, control privacy and create a timeline of life events. To share the memorial page with family and friends, and allow them to contribute, you have to upgrade to the paid version.

PRICING: Draft Page is free; Premium: $90 one-time fee


Murial's memorial website is elegant and clean, with a modern minimalist approach. The design breaks down your loved one’s life into a chapter-by-chapter like storytelling (example: a premium feature named Highlight), which is a natural way for how to remember a loved one. Other features include theme colors and privacy control; premium features include music, video. customized URL, and more.

PRICING: Basic is Free; Premium: $100 one-time fee

Remembered has some good features, such as a long space for a story, up to 100 compressed photos for the albums, Facebook login and easy sharing. However, the site runs a little slowly and we got a few error pages as well. The overall design tends to be less inviting than some of the other offerings and there are no templates available. The site feels more like a social network than a memorial site.

PRICING: FREE for regular; $20 for "Legacy" and $80 for "Legacy Plus"


The homepage for looks a bit dated but their basic templates make it a solid memorial platform. The Eternal Tribute is their premium offering and includes unlimited photos. Their services include extensive resources such as grief assistance, funeral information such as maps, and links out to florists and other related services. charges a one-time fee rather and they also took over's memorial section, which no longer accepts new memorial sites.

PRICING: Basic Death Notice: $20; Premium Eternal Tribute: $50

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