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Guide: Hiring A Musician, Soloist, Or Band For A Funeral Or Memorial Service

Many people choose to incorporate music or songs into a funeral or memorial service.

Music can take the form of a church choir, a friend playing or singing a special song, or a recording of any music or songs that are especially meaningful.

What You Need to Know

If the funeral or memorial service will be held in a religious place of worship, that venue may have a musical group, such as a choir, or soloist that can perform. In addition, any friends or family members who play music or sing will likely be able to perform at the venue. If the funeral or memorial service will not be held in a religious place of worship or if you would like to hire musicians, a soloist, or a band, the venue will likely allow it.

The Bash

Representing nearly 10,000 bands, soloists, ensembles, and DJs, The Bash (formerly Gig Masters) matches musicians with event planners all across the country. Starting with your city, state, and event date, sort listings by type of performer (soloist, singer, band, etc.) and hone by category (harpist, classical guitar, violinist, etc.; barbershop quartet, folk singer, etc.; blues band, Latin band, klezmer band, etc.). Results will offer the number of bookings that artist has received through The Bash as well as their pay range and the ability to request a price quote for your event.

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