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Create your Will quickly and easily right now.

Have you been putting off doing your Will for too long? Well, you're fresh out of excuses because Willing makes creating a Will incredibly easy. Plus, it's free!

Everplans has partnered with Willing, a new digital enterprise that offers all who visit a free Will. Though Everplans and Willing are not law firms and can't offer legal advice or opinions, we can provide general legal information and the forms you need to create legally binding documents in your state.

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After you give them your email address and create a password the process takes around 10 minutes and is legally valid in all 50 states. They also alert the people you add as executor and guardians, offer reminders to keep everything updated, and allow you to make changes at any time.

So, what are you waiting for? Oh, and after you're done, don't forget to store your Will in an Everplan!

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