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Creating A Guest List For Your Funeral

In order to make sure the people most important to you are informed of your death, it can be helpful to your family to create a list of the people you’d like notified, along with their contact information.

Reasons For Creating A Guest List For Your Funeral

After a death, family members often have a very short amount of time to plan, organize, and invite people to a funeral service, all while experiencing grief and shock. Because of this, not everyone who should be notified of a death always gets notified, and sometimes people who should have been informed of the service details don’t find out until after the fact. By planning ahead you can make sure that the people who should be informed are informed and that the people who you’d like to attend the service will attend the service.

How To Create A Guest List For Your Funeral

There are a number of ways to create one for your funeral or memorial service:

  • Write a list of the names and phone numbers or email addresses of the people you’d like to have invited, and share that list with your family
  • Create an email group (“My Funeral,” for example) with the contact information for all the people you’d like to have invited, so that your family can easily email the entire group
  • Identify “point-people” from each area of your life (extended family, work, church or temple, community or volunteer organizations, etc.) and let those people know that they will be responsible for notifying other members of that community
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