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Christian Funeral Traditions

While there are many denominations within Christianity that hold differing views, many Christians believe that Jesus Christ was both the son of God and the personification of God, put on Earth to offer salvation to all who believe in Him.

Christ's death on the cross is understood by many Christians as an act of sacrifice by God, offering atonement for the sins of all humanity. Many Christians believe that through loving Christ and accepting the salvation offered by Christ on the cross, human souls be saved from eternal punishment in Hell after death and instead be delivered to Heaven, where they will live in the presence of God forever.

Everplans offers information on the funeral traditions of the following Christian faiths:

• Catholic

• Eastern Orthodox

• Latter-day Saints/Mormon

• Protestant, including:

• Anglican/Episcopalian

• Baptist

• Lutheran

• Methodist

• Presbyterian

• Quaker

The information presented here offers a broad take on Christian traditions. It is always a good idea to contact your local clergy with any more detailed and specific questions you might have.

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