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5 Tips for Celebrating Father’s Day when You're Fatherless

While many people celebrate how amazing their dads are on Father's Day, I'm always reminded of how wonderful my dad was.

For twenty-one years of my life, I was blessed with having the best dad in the world. He taught me how to ski when I was two and a half; he put all meetings aside to cheer me on at my squash tournaments; and he frequently reminded my mother, brother and me that we were the center of his life. Dad sang me “The Farmer in the Dell” and told me to “be the Cheese,” encouraging me not to be afraid to forge my own path, even if that meant standing alone. He taught me how to be self-confident, why I should be a diehard NY Giants fan, and always told me that I looked “the most-est beautiful. ” I knew I would always have his support. And I still feel encouragement, even though he’s gone.

But even all the good memories don’t make up for how hard Father’s Day can be. So, I’ve created a video for those of us who have to get through Father’s Day without our fathers, and I’ve offered 5 tips for how to cope. My 5 tips are:

1. Embrace the holiday
2. Spend time with others who loved him
3. Appreciate what you did have
4. Accept the change
5. Avoid the junk

These might seem vague, but watch the video! These tips are based on my six years of experience celebrating Father’s Day without my dad, and I‘ve found them to be really helpful in my own life.

When the topic of Father’s Day comes up, lots of people give me the same doleful pity eyes. I know they’re just trying to be sympathetic, but I don’t feel bad for myself. Yes, Father’s Day is a tough day for me, but that’s ok! Although my time with my idol and biggest fan was cut short, I had those twenty-one magical years; saying I’m fortunate is a gross understatement. Yes, I will long for my dad on Father’s Day, but with teary eyes, I smile, knowing how lucky I am to honestly admit, “I miss him every day.”

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