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5 Things You Can Do If You Can’t Attend A Funeral

Be it distance, cost, or timing, there a lot of perfectly valid reasons you might not be able to attend a funeral.

You can still show your support to the grieving family and loved ones in the following ways.

Send A Condolence Card

Not only it is a wonderful way to express your emotions, it shows you care. You should always send one.

Send Flowers

You can send them the funeral home for the service or wake or the home of the grieving. Before you send, however, make sure it doesn’t conflict with religious customs. (Example: Sending flowers is not traditional in the Jewish faith.)

Make A Donation In The Name Of The Person Who Died

Most people have at least one charity they’re very passionate about. This is a positive way to show respect to the deceased and keep their memory alive.

Send Food

Everyone loves food. This is particularly appreciated when a person is grieving and doesn’t have the energy to cook. You can either drop off a prepared homemade meal, pick up something at the local store, or use an online service to send platters.

Be There For The Grieving Family Long After The Funeral

A lot of people flock to the grieving at the time of the funeral, but then there’s a lull afterwards. If you can be there for the grieving when everyone else has moved on, it’s as, if not more, appreciated.

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