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Our Story

The first kernel for the idea of Everplans came in 2010 when I was planning my wedding and thinking about starting a family. For both of these major life events I used a handful of amazingly helpful resources, like Martha's Stewart's sites and magazines as well as a number of other modern, sophisticated resources. As I was being guided through these very happy life changes, I wondered: What resources are there for the “unhappy” life events? What exists to hold people’s hands through death and dying?
I shared my thoughts with my colleague, Adam Seifer, who has a lot of experience building helpful, life-changing tools for communities around the world. (If anyone could help me on this mission, it would be Adam.) Together, we started looking into what resources were out there, but we couldn’t find anything that offered us what we wanted: clear, unbiased information; a modern, technology-driven experience; a process that could help us (and people like us) get a handle on everything we’d someday have to deal with. If we could make the process easier, we hoped we might be able to make a real impact on people's lives. So, we started building Everplans. We spoke with experts, we researched diligently and we wrote hundreds of original articles on everything from how to write a Will to what to wear to a funeral... and everything in between.
Sometimes the universe acts in ways that don’t make any sense. In the summer of 2012, my family experienced a devastating tragedy that not only profoundly affected me, but had an impact on the whole Everplans team. The urgency of our project became real and we realized our articles weren’t enough. We needed to make sure everyone had a plan in place so that they weren’t in the situation that my family (and so many other families) are in when something happens.
Our solution was the Everplan. An Everplan is a complete set of everything you want your loved ones to have access to if something happens to you. We make it easy with a step-by-step process that starts with the most important things first.  When you’re finished, you have a complete plan that includes your will, your life insurance policy, your advance directive, your online accounts, and even letters to your family. Information is stored securely on our platform, and your loved ones are given access to the things you choose.
Everplans is genuinely a service that is valuable to EVERYONE. We don't know when or how, but we do know that we can do a few things to prepare. We do know we can do a few things now that will save our families a huge amount of stress later on. We started Everplans because we thought there was a need. After the past years of building Everplans, talking daily to people who have experienced loss, and experiencing loss ourselves, we now know there is a need. Having an Everplan changes everything.
Abby (& Adam)