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In Case You Get Hit By A Bus

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The odds of getting hit by a bus are 495,000 to 1.

But the odds that you're going to die some day of something? Exactly.

In Case You Get Hit By A Bus will help even the most disorganized among us take control of our on- and off-line details so our loved ones won't have to scramble later. Breaking the task down into three levels, from the most urgent (like granting access to passwords), to the technical (creating a manual for the systems in your home), to the nostalgic (assembling a living memory), this clear, step-by-step program not only removes the anxiety and stress from getting your life in order, it's actually liberating.

This Book Leaves No Planning Stone Unturned


  • A system for managing all your passwords and secret codes
  • Money and assets (and bills and debts) organized
  • An instruction manual for your home and vehicles


  • A complete understanding of all the necessary legal documents -- Wills, Powers of Attorney, Trusts
  • How to create medical directives and easily keep track of your health


  • A plan for meaningful photos, recipes, and family heirlooms
  • A record of your personal history, interests, beliefs, and life lessons
  • How to write legacy letters and film legacy videos


  • Plan and pre-pay for your own funeral (if you're up for it)
  • Templates to write your own obituary (it's not as scary as you think)
  • Ways to talk to your family about difficult topics

Meet the Authors

Abby Schneiderman

Everplans' cofounder and co-CEO, Abby is an industry expert in the areas of digital estate planning, technology, and consumerism and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and CNBC.

Adam Seifer

Everplans' cofounder and co-CEO, Adam has helped create multiple huge online communities and networks and is an inventor on “the social networking patent” now owned by LinkedIn.

Gene Newman

Everplans’ editorial and education director, Gene has spent his career as a writer, editor, and content leader for various high profile media outlets.

What People Are Saying

“[Everplans] helps you think of everything your loved ones should know.”

“The site walks its users through all the complicated steps of planning everything.”

“Can help kick-start conversations about the issues that surface when a loved one dies.”

“Gone are the days when it’s sufficient to have all of this information in a lockbox under your bed.”

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