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Serious Illness Quickview
Important decisions that will help out family, friends and caretakers.

It might be tough to think about, but it’s better than the alternative: Forcing your family to make very tough decisions when you no longer can. Avoid that fate by helping them complete an Advance Directive, which includes naming a Health Care Proxy, creating a Living Will, Organ Donation. If they already created one, make sure you know where it is. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Advance Directives]

Regardless of what you’re currently experiencing, it’s always a good time to have an updated Will at the ready. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Creating A Will]

Apart from legal and medical forms (Will, Life Insurance Policy, POA, Advance Directive…) it’s important to get a handle on all the other paperwork in your life to make things easier in the long run (utilities, banking info, digital accounts and passwords, etc...). [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Organizing Important Documents]

It might be difficult for you to think about a funeral at this point, but it’s your final farewell so if you want to have a say in it let people know. [Dig Deeper: Pre-Planning a Funeral]