How to Create a Digital Estate Plan

1. Make a list of all your digital assets and how to access each one.

Guide: Meal Registries

What You Need to Know

If you are in need of a meal registry for yourself, you should not feel embarrassed about asking for help in this way. Many people want to help, and a meal registry provides a structured way for them to do so.

If you are providing meals, it's important that you actually bring the meals when you say you will. Keep in mind that meal registries are not a way of scheduling time to spend with the person you're bringing a meal to, so don't overstay your welcome in the home. Conversely, don't feel like you need to hang out when you drop off the meal.

How to Choose a Cemetery After a Death

Cemetery location

Checklist: Documents to Organize and Share

After a death, there are a lot of financial and administrative tasks for your family to take care of that can quickly become overwhelming. With some planning and organization you can relieve a big chunk of that burden by helping your family easily settle your estate, pay required taxes, and quickly receive any benefits they are entitled to.

Reasons to Plan Your Own Funeral or Memorial Service

How to personalize your funeral or memorial service

Guide: Ordering Certified Copies of a Death Certificate Online

What You Need to Know

The funeral home you are working with will file the death certificate with the local (city or county) Health Department, usually within 72 hours of the death. The charge for this filing will be included in the funeral home’s (non-declinable) Basic Services Fee. The funeral home can request multiple copies of the death certificate for you, though you may be charged a fee for this service by the funeral home.

Guide: Purchasing Flowers

What You Need to Know

If you are purchasing flowers for a funeral service you're planning, the funeral home you are working with will offer to handle the flower arrangements for you, in the form of a cash advance to the funeral home. You may also purchase flowers yourself through a local florist or an online vendor with local members. The funeral home should not charge you a fee for bringing in your own flowers.

How To Submit A Will To Probate Court

How to begin a probate proceeding

To begin a probate proceeding, the executor of the will or an attorney acting on behalf the estate must initiate the proceeding with the local probate court. (If there is no will, then the next of kin must initiate an administration proceeding at the probate court.) The person initiating probate must physically go to the court to file the will. This act begins the probate process.