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Newlywed Quickview
If you already planned a wedding, planning for the future should be a breeze.

Now that you’re sharing your life with someone else, it’s the ideal time to create a Will. Plus, if you’re planning on having kids you can add the guardian info in when the time comes. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Creating A Will]

Term Insurance is often reasonable and covers you for a set amount of time. Permanent Insurance is a lot more expensive but it never expires. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Life Insurance]

Your POA has power over everything involving your finances. This includes paying bills, managing bank accounts, overseeing investments, signing contracts, and filing your taxes. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About POA]

The components of an Advance Directive include: Naming a Health Care Proxy, creating a Living Will, Organ Donation and other medical odds and ends to take the burden off your family if you get sick or are the victim of an accident. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Advance Directives]

If something happened to you today would your family know where you keep all your important paperwork? This includes all the stuff listed above (Will, Life Insurance Policy, POA, Advance Directive...) as well as passwords for digital accounts. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Organizing Important Documents]