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Media Center: One Sheet

Everplans is the first end-to-end online resource for getting a handle on eldercare, end-of-life planning, dealing with a death, and coping with grief.

No matter what stage of life someone is in, Everplans can help get a plan in place. Everplans offers clear, unbiased articles to help users think through tough decisions and learn about their options, and tools to help people get things done. For people supporting a friend in a crisis or in grief, Everplans has resources for comfort and etiquette. Everplans' step-by-step approach breaks the process into manageable pieces, so users feel empowered in the decisions and plans that they're making.

The Everplans mission is twofold:

1. To empower people to make confident decisions about how they want to be treated at the end of their lives
2. To encourage more advance planning to avoid making stressful, expensive decisions under pressure and to allow people to take better care of their families

To accomplish this, Everplans has hundreds of one-of-a-kind articles on a range of topics that are crafted with an eye toward helping consumers understand the choices they face and decide for themselves what the best option is for their situation.

Everplans has dozens of tools and resources for things like finding state-by-state advance directive forms, buying life insurance, purchasing a casket, and where and how to store and share personal files and information.


Adam Seifer is a repeat entrepreneur with a great interest in online social dynamics. He was a co-founder of Fotolog, a pioneering international photo-sharing community that encouraged people to share little updates on their lives via images. Fotolog was the 15th most trafficked website in the world in 2007. He was also part of the team that launched, the first major online social network.

Abby Schneiderman is a repeat entrepreneur who loves finding ways to use technology to make people’s lives better. Prior to co-founding Everplans, Abby was a Principal at Tipping Point Partners, a start-up incubator in New York City, where she was part of the team that launched several businesses, including AppOrchard, an iOS consultancy for the enterprise, and Cookstr, a recipe-driven nutritional technology company. In 2004, Abby co-founded Haystack Media, one of the first music social networks.

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