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Pre-Surgery Quickview
Add these things to your pre-surgery prep.

The components of an Advance Directive include: Naming a Health Care Proxy, creating a Living Will, Organ Donation and other medical odds and ends so you family isn’t forced to make these tough decisions. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Advance Directives]

Regardless of what you’re currently experiencing, it’s always a good time to have an updated Will in place. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Creating A Will]

Alleviate any concerns regarding your finances during your recovery by naming a Power of Attorney. This person will be able to pay bills, manage bank accounts, oversee investments, sign contracts, and file your taxes. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Naming A POA]

If something happened would your family know where you keep all your important paperwork? This includes your Will, Life Insurance Policy, POA, Advance Directive, as well as passwords for digital accounts. [Dig Deeper: All You Need To Know About Organizing Important Documents]