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Everplans Most Helpful Help Topics

What if I haven't received my confirmation email?

In most cases, confirmation emails go out within a minute. If you haven't received yours after a few minutes, we recommend checking your email's spam folder.

If it's not in your spam folder, you can login to your new Everplans account using the password you originally set up when creating it.

If that too doesn't work, please use the Contact Us form to get in touch with someone who can help.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click the Forgot Password link on the login page. Next, enter the email address used to create your account in the space provided and click “Send me reset password instructions.”

How do I print or download my plan?

You can definitely print your Everplan, but you'll need to download it first. Here's how:

  • Step 1: From the top navigation bar, click "My Everplan."
  • Step 2: Click the Download link along the bottom of your cover photo
  • Step 3: Check (or uncheck) the parts of your plan that you want to include and click on Download

You can either wait for your file to be assembled or you can choose to be emailed when it's ready (for security reasons, you'll have 24 hours to download it).

Your Everplan will save as PDF within a ZIP file. If you're a premium member, any uploaded attachments will be included in their own respective folders within the same ZIP.

Open the PDF named Everplan to print.

How do I become a Deputy?

When someone names you as a Deputy for their Everplan, you should receive an email inviting you to set up your own account password that will grant you access to the sections they've shared.

If you no longer have access to this email or never received it, you'll need to ask the person who invited you to resend the invitation (you may also want to confirm which email address was used).

Once you’ve created your own secure password, you should be able to view any Everplan for which you’re a Deputy on logging in.

What if I haven't received my Deputy invitation?

The plan owner may have entered your email incorrectly or sent it to an address you no longer use.

In either case, please contact the person who invited you so that you can confirm where it should be sent (and have them send you another invitation).

How do I resend a Deputy invitation?

If you need to resend an invitation to someone you’ve named as a Deputy for your Everplan, you should first check to make sure their email is correct.

  • If their email is wrong, you’ll need to remove them as a Deputy and create a new invitation using an appropriate address.
  • If their email is correct, you can resend the invitation by clicking the Resend Invite link beside their name.

I created an account, but when I log in, I don't see anyone's Everplan.

To ensure that you have access to the Everplan(s) you’ve been asked to be a deputy for, it’s essential that you use the confirmation link provided in the invitation email when setting up an account.

Please DON’T go through the Sign up page.

Instead, check your email for an invitation from Everplans or follow-up with the plan owner to request that another deputy invitation be sent to an email you can access.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Before canceling your subscription, we strongly encourage you to download a copy of your Everplan for future reference.

To cancel your membership with Everplans:

  • Go to Account Settings (via your name)
  • Click the Manage button across from Membership Status and Billing
  • Click Cancel subscription on the following page

You will continue to enjoy the benefits of full membership until your subscription expires and your Everplan is downgraded to read-only. This means that:

  • You will no longer be able to edit, download, or share your Everplan with key people in your life (we call them Deputies)
  • Any Deputies you’ve added will no longer be able to view any of the information in your Everplan

Should you decide to renew your subscription at any time down the road, you’ll immediately regain full access to your Everplan - and so will your Deputies.

How do I delete my Everplans account and information?

If you choose to cancel your Everplans account (which can be done via the Account Settings page), all of your personal information will be completely deleted from our live site immediately.

We may keep your name, email address and the date/time your account was deleted on record so that we can answer your future inquiries about what happened to your account.

Your information will be deleted from our backups during the next operational purge, which typically happens within 48 hours.

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