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Everplans For Insurance Agents

Deepen relationships and optimize your clients’ plans

Everplans is a simple, intuitive planning tool that helps people create and organize all of their important legal, financial, and health information in one place. What’s unique about Everplans is the ability to securely store and share this information with named individuals (we call them “Deputies”) so that if anything happens to them, the information can easily be passed on to the people who need it.

Now Everplans Professional allows Insurance Agents to create co-branded Everplans for their clients.

The Natovitz Group

"Everplans is the perfect tool for optimizing the planning that I do with my clients.  A lot of work goes into creating plans but if no-one knows you've done a plan or it is difficult to find, then all that effort is wasted.  Everplans makes our plans more effective and gives our clients peace of mind that all the hard work they've done will get to the right people at the right time".

- Kim Natovitz 
Founder and President
Natovitz Group


Everyone wants to put long-term plans in place but it's complicated and requires many different advisors to complete successfully. Insurance agents are often the first stop in long-term planning and are perfectly poised to be the partner who helps their clients put a complete end-of-life plan in place. 


Everplans Professional provides a co-branded, digital platform that will help you identify gaps in your clients' planning and ensure important documents and account details are securely stored in one place. Everplans is not just another secure storage solution - we provide a framework for agents to move beyond product sales and into a more holistic advisory role for their clients. In doing so the insurance agent provides continuity for the family and becomes an invaluable partner for future generations.

2014 Research: "When Good Intentions Fail A Family"