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In Case You Get Hit by a Bus: How to Organize Your Life Now for When You're Not Around Later

Everplans For Financial Advisors

Make long-term financial plans more effective.

Everplans is a simple, intuitive planning tool that helps people create and organize all of their important legal, financial, and health information in one place. What’s unique about Everplans is the ability to securely store and share this information with named individuals (we call them “Deputies”) so that if anything happens to them, the information can easily be passed on to the people who need it.

Now Everplans Professional allows you to create co-branded Everplans for your clients so that if anything happens to them, all the planning they’ve done is passed on to the family members who need it.

Our Pilot Partners

"Implementing an Everplan to our clients is essential in providing our clients with clarity and insight to carefully plan their wishes.  Everplan’s is key in that it allows us to bring up the conversation of death in an eloquent and effective way."

-Michael Sander
Creative Planners Group, Ltd.

Financial advisors are perfectly poised to help their clients get a complete end-of-life plan in place. Everplans Professional will help you to help your clients identify gaps in the planning they've already done while ensuring all of their important documents and account details are securely stored in one place that is easily accessible by family members.

Everplans is not just another secure storage solution. We provide a framework for Financial Advisors to move beyond financial products and into a more holistic advisory role for their clients. In the end, this saves your clients' families time and money and creates invaluable referrals for your next generation of clients.


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