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Everplans for Estate Attorneys

Create, Store And Securely Share Estate Plans And More

Everplans is a simple, intuitive planning tool that helps people create, and organize all of their important legal, financial, and health information in one place. With step-by-step guidance that identifies the most important things to do first, and assessment tools that finds gaps and helps to fill them, Everplans makes sure the whole family is protected. What makes Everplans unique is the ability to store, manage and share all this important information with named individuals (we call them “Deputies”) so that everything is easily passed on to the people who need it.

Make End-of-Life Planning Comprehensive And Effective

When someone is thinking about Estate Planning they want to make sure they don't leave a mess behind for their family and loved ones.  Wills, Trusts, and Advance Directives are important but many families say the most valuable thing is having everything organized and easy to find. The most difficult things to deal with are the hundreds of little things that a family needs to maintain continuity in their life.


Everplans Professional is a unique tool for Estate Attorneys that helps them help their clients bring together EVERYTHING their family might need if something happens to them. Walk your client through our easy, step-by-step process that identifies the different types of information their loved ones might need. Our unique information storage, management, and sharing functionality makes sure everything is safely stored in their private, digital vault and they have total control over what information Executors, Guardians, family members, and friends will receive. 

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