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Everplans For Employers

Make Sure Your Employees And Their Families Are Protected

Everplans is a simple, intuitive planning tool that helps people create, and organize all of their important legal, financial, and health information in one place. With step-by-step guidance that identifies the most important things to do first, and assessment tools that finds gaps and helps to fill them, Everplans makes sure the whole family is protected. What makes Everplans unique is the ability to store, manage and share all this important information with named individuals (we call them “Deputies”) so that everything is easily passed on to the people who need it.

Help Employees Protect Their Families

As an employer you want your employees to know that if something happens to them, their family will be taken care of. Similarly, if an employee is dealing with elderly parents or relatives, you want them to have guidance and support so they can quickly and easily put all the right plans in place.

Everplans Professional is a unique tool for employers that will make sure every employee has securely stored and shared all the important documents and information, such as financial accounts, life insurance, and all the other things that loved ones might need to know. We’ve done all the hard work so creating a comprehensive plan is quick and easy.

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