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So You've Been Invited To Be A Deputy

Being a Deputy

If you’ve made it here, it means that someone in your life has chosen you to retrieve some of their most sensitive personal information should something happen to them.

What You Should Know

What is an Everplan?

An Everplan is a simple, secure way to make sure you’ve taken care of everything you’d want the important people in your life to access should something happen to you.

What is a Deputy?

A Deputy is a trusted individual who has access to some or all of someone’s Everplan.

What happens when someone invites me?

When someone invites you to be a Deputy for their Everplan, you should receive an email invitation with a link to confirm your account.

You don’t need to create your own Everplan in order to view theirs, but you will need to create a password so you can login to view their plan.

What if I haven’t received the invitation?

The plan owner may have entered your email incorrectly or sent it to an address you no longer use. Have them resend the invitation to your correct or preferred email.

Can you walk me through the process of becoming a Deputy?

Sure. First, check your email for the invitation. Second, click the confirmation link. Third, create a password - voila! For more details, check out our How To Become A Deputy video.