Jump-Start Your Everplan: Create A Just-In-Case Letter For Your Family In Only 10 Minutes

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 • by Ammon Brown
Everplans Just-In-Case Letter

Provide your family the most vital info about your life in just 10 minutes.

We understand that getting a plan in place can be difficult. Where do you even start? Enter: The Just-In-Case Letter.

You don't need to fill out an entire Everplan before you have something worth sharing with your family. We identified all the important information your family, loved ones, and trusted advisors will need during an emergency, which can be filled out in the time it takes to heat up dinner.

The new Just-in-Case Letter will walk you step-by-step through filling in the basics and compile a PDF that you can immediately send to the people you love and trust. It’s the ideal way to have something in place “just-in-case” something happens...and it's the perfect way to jumpstart your Everplan, which you can keep adding bits and pieces to over time.

Here’s how it works.

Answer Some Questions

When you first sign up for Everplans we’ll ask you a few simple questions about your current situation. Topics covered range from financial and medical decisions, to Life Insurance policy and digital account information. Here’s an example of a typical section:

We ask if you have an item, like a Life Insurance policy

If you have the item mentioned, we ask a few follow-up questions to gather basic information

Here's the full roster of items included:

  • Life Insurance
  • Will
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Advance Directive
  • Financial Advisor
  • Where I Bank
  • Passwords
  • Safe or Safe Deposit Box
  • After I’m Gone
  • Emergency Contacts

We kept things very simple to save you time. No need to look up policy numbers or account documents, just a few important contacts you most likely already have on your phone or computer. This general information will be extremely helpful during an emergency, but not so sensitive or personal to make you worry about revealing too much. If you don’t have one of the items mentioned, just skip it and move on to the next one.

You should be able to complete all 10 sections in 10 minutes.

Send It Off

Your answers are then compiled into a an easy-to-read letter, which you can review and edit as needed. Once you’re ready to share, choose recipients and we’ll email them a unique link to your letter where they can securely download a PDF copy.

You’re Already Ahead Of The Planning Game

All the information you put into your Just-In-Case Letter is now part of your Everplan. You can go into each individual section and start adding more specific details -- for example: You already identified your Life Insurance company, now add in the policy details -- as well as fill out all the other sections.


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