Happy BIRTHday To Me...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013 • by Elizabeth Meyer

At my birthday dinner last night, I was reminded by my (older) friend that at 29, I should realize how I’m “getting up there.” Although I know he was just trying to get a rise out of me, I couldn’t help but become fixated on aging. Time does fly.

I still get carded, wear boy's Converses, am petrified of spiders, and the concept of diapers grosses me out; I don’t consider myself old. At the same time, I realize my arbitrary immature aspects do not save me from the inevitable aging process. Yes, I’m an adult.

Now, here’s where my ramblings affect you, dear reader. I cannot help but think: No matter how old we are, we’ll never admit that we fall into the “old” category. Although age is “just a number,” maybe it is a number we should address and accept.

Not included on chart: When you need to look at charts to see if you're old.
Source: Pew Research Center

Although as the Funeral Guru, I am constantly thinking about death, my thoughts are even more focused today. I suggest that maybe we should use our BIRTHdays as a reminder of our limited time, but not in a morbid way. Perhaps, we should take a bit of time out of our fun-filled day to celebrate our lives and make wills or get life insurance.

Or, maybe we should do what we always say we will do… put it off until tomorrow…