Get Your Stuff Together

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 • by Sarah Whitman-Salkin

This weekend, New York Times writer Ron Lieber shared the story of Chanel Reynolds, whose husband died tragically and suddenly in 2009. In the aftermath of her husband's death, Reynolds struggled to piece her life together, not just emotionally but also financially. She realized that though she and her husband had drafted wills, they had not signed them; though her husband had retirement and investment accounts, she didn't have the login or password information to manage the accounts; though her family had had a steady income, they had little emergency savings. With funds from her husband's life insurance policy the family was able to keep their home and survive financially. But Reynolds recognized the toll that the financial stresses had taken on her, and decided to create tools to help others avoid the financial confusion she had endured.

Her website,, is what Reynolds created. (Because don't we all have a little voice in our heads screaming that thought—if not those exact words—at us?) The site is a great resource for people beginning to think about estate planning, financial planning, and sharing key information with family members. Reynolds has put together useful checklists and simple articles outlining the basics of wills, living wills, power of attorney, and other topics.

We think Ms. Reynolds has created a valuable resource with useful, practical tools. We'd like to thank her for linking to Everplans on her homepage, and for taking on these issues that we at Everplans think are so important.

via New York Times