Everplans and Personal.com on TechHive


We know it's not the most fun-times subject, but organizing and sharing your online assets (aka your digital assets, aka your digital estate, aka your digital afterlife) is a hugely important, never-before-faced issue that all of us who live on the Internet are going to have to deal with. (If you're reading this blog post, there's a pretty good chance you spend quite a bit of your life online, like we do.)

Everplans is on a mission to make planning easier for you and your family, and digital estate planning and account info organization is a big part of that. The blog TechHive thinks so too, and has included Everplans in an article on "how to get your online assets in order for when you die," along with our friends at Personal.com.

We like Personal because they have a simple system for online storage that allows you to give access to different pieces of information to different people in your family. Plus, it's also available as an iPhone app, which just makes everything easier. Everplans and Personal have created a special page where you can store all the information and documents that are especially relevant to end-of-life planning. Click here to check it out and get started managing your digital estate.

via TechHive