Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALLL Funerals?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 • by Elizabeth Meyer

Football season is coming to an end. If you’re a dedicated fan like me you’re a bit sad knowing there won't be anymore games for a while on our beloved Sundays…and Monday nights…and Thursday nights. They're a limited resource so we do everything in our power to enjoy them to the fullest.

Some truly dedicated fans show their loyalty not only all year round, but forever! While working in the funeral industry, I buried a number of clients either wearing the jersey of their favorite quarterback or with team hats placed next to them. While this might not seem like a big deal, or be thought of as frivolous, the implication can be quite meaningful. Some people have chosen their teams for eternity and always want to be remembered that way.

But for some super fans, merely being sporting paraphernalia is not enough…

This man opted for one of the most unique wake I’ve ever seen. Apparently, his passion could not be confined to inside the coffin. Yep, that’s him in a recliner.

Photo Source: Urlesque

Other families, who want to embrace their loved one’s passion but stay within the parameters of a standard funeral, opt for a more acceptable amendment to the wake: football-themed flowers.

Photo Source: Welch Flowers

Lastly, there are those truly dedicated who literally take their loyalty to the grave, with a football-themed headstone!

Photo Source: Stone Garden

Although some of these decisions might seem extreme, your feelings may change once you hear the voice on your television shout: “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALLLLLLLL?”

Please let me know here how you feel about including sports-themed aspects into a funeral.