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One of the richest and most powerful men in Brazil, Thane Chiquinho Scarpa, made waves when he announced plans to bury his million-dollar Bentley so he could drive around the afterlife in style. He received lots of media attention and was criticized for the extravagant gesture. Why wouldn’t he donate the car to charity? How out of touch with reality is this guy? He still went ahead with the ceremony.

But, there’s a twist. (Of course there is. Why else would we be covering this story?)

Everplans is all about planning ahead! It’s what we do. That said, it’s important to be very careful when it comes to pre-purchasing your funeral.  Although this can be a responsible and altruistic gesture for your family, you also are potentially exposing yourself to some dubious behavior and inappropriate actions. Recently, a business in St. Louis going by the name “National Prearranged Services,” was indicted for...

The Robertson Family of A&E’s breakout reality TV hit Duck Dynasty might be afraid of soap and shaving cream but they’re not afraid of dealing with death. For those unfamiliar with the show watched by nearly 12 million people each week, it’s a rags-to-more-expensive-rags story surrounding a Louisiana bayou family who made millions fabricating top-of-the-line duck calls and decoys out of salvaged swamp wood.


You’ve decided to “donate your body” after you die. But, what does that actually mean? Donate to what? Or whom? Will your body be used for actual science and medical advancement? Will callous med students be making jokes over your naked corpse? And what happens to your body after they’re done with it? No need to worry, because the following list has you covered with the most popular options.

It's not often cartoon artists mine for humor in the world of advance directives, but when they do, you better believe we're going to run it on Historically, comics aren't funny. They often get a message across but rarely will laughter ensue. This is no exception: