Blog Archive: September 2013

Now you can with the Demeter Funeral Home perfume. I’m not kidding. This is real.

When I worked in a funeral home, I used to spray an extra spritz of my go-to perfume, Channel #5, onto my wrist. When the terrible smells of the funeral home became too unbearable, I’d lift my wrist to my nose and enjoy the ylang ylang-scented moment’s reprieve. No matter how clean a funeral home is, the smell of rotting lilies and bodies inevitably permeates the air. Getting accustomed to it is a form of indoctrination.

I sat down to write this blog as a timeline; I thought it might be helpful to organize my thoughts so you’d be able to fully understand the complexity of the situation. As I started to type, however, a big issue arose… I just don’t remember everything that clearly. The 24-hours before my late dad’s birthday are a blur. My coping method of choice is repression and over the years I’ve become a true master.

An article on, a site that offers important and topical news surrounding New York startups, mentioned us in an insightful article entitled Does Your Target Market Need to be the 50+ Crowd?

Here’s what they had to say about our founders’ presentation at the Aging 2.0 event held in New York City on September 12th:

A new Time magazine cover story ask a really cool question: “Can Google Solve Death?” The answer: No. Google can’t solve death. But they’re trying.