Blog Archive: June 2013

Twice in one week! Everplans got another awesome press mention this week from

Everplans has been featured on, in a piece exploring the importance of planning ahead for your family.

The piece specifically focuses on the necessity for planning for those in the so-called "Sandwich Generation": people who are at once caring for aging parents and young or teenaged children.

From the piece:

Burial or cremation? For centuries, these have been the only two options for what to do with your body when you die. But now these options are starting to change, and expand. Gizmodo recently highlighted 8 Designs that Rethink the Way We’re Buried, looking at how innovative thinkers are changing burial methods. 

What happens to your Gmail when you die? What happens to all the photos you've shared on Facebook? Who gets your text messages? And who can access your online accounts?

The more of our lives we spend online, the more digital property we collect, and the more complicated settling our estates will be in the future. And so we need to create digital estate plans for three main reasons: