A Tanning Bed Shaped Like A Coffin

Monday, September 30, 2013 • by Elizabeth Meyer

Argentinian artist, Luciano Podcaminski, attempted to bring awareness to the dangers of the tanning bed with his creation “Sundeath.”

Mr. Podcaminski uses the Jersey Shore staple as a symbol of all the dangerous acts we do for vanity. In his opinion, these actions are not only senseless, but destructive. Often, we narcissistically repress negative repercussions just so we can look good at that moment.

If the tanning bed were actually designed this way would consumers cut back on tanning? What if other “bad” habits were reconstructed? For example, should cigarette boxes resemble iron lungs? Should sugar-based snacks come in casket, headstone, and hearse shapes? In the end would it actually matter? Would we just become accustomed to the new design and continue to repress? Or would people think all of these things were cool and want to use them more?

Via Booooooom