26 Things The Everplans Team Is Thankful For In 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015 • by Dania McDermott

From bridges to babies, The Everplans Team has much to be thankful for.

Justin is thankful for his two beautiful kiddies.

He's also thankful for pasta, The Packers, and Sunday night football.

Peter is thankful for his family of friends in New York.

He's also thankful for the Williamsburg Bridge, which allows him to bike to work.

Ammon is thankful for pillow-forts and the little inhabitant thereof.

He's also thankful that Citi Bike provides all his commuting needs around town.

Yaniv is thankful for his super snazzy standing desk.

He's also thankful for Korean BBQ.

Maneesh is thankful for two new nieces (and their adorable new niece shoes).

He's also thankful for New Bodai, an especially tasty vegetarian spot in Queens.

Abby is thankful for her wonderful family, including (but not limited to) her dog, Oliver.

She's also thankful for heirloom tables -- they really bring the Everplans office together nicely.

Warren is thankful his daughter graduated from University of Wisconsin - Madison.

He's also thankful for his new lens cleaner (looking good, buddy).

Matt is thankful to his family for always having his back.

He's also thankful for Jam Band stations on Sirius Radio.

Bernie is thankful for his awesome dog, Achilles.

He's also thankful for the opportunity to showcase his Thanksgiving culinary skills this year for friends and family.

Scott is thankful for his recent trip to Spain.

He's also thankful for dating apps.

Bart is thankful for his cats Mulder and Scully.

He’s also thankful for co-workers with agreeable taste in music.

Dania is thankful her family's back in New York.

She's also thankful for Columbo reruns on Netflix.

Gene is thankful for Dollar and Plissken, who still get super excited when they see him. Plus: so...much...cuddling.

He's also thankful for these Belgian Dark Chocolate things from Trader Joe's.

Adam is thankful his kids are growing into the kind of people every parent dreams of raising.

He’s also thankful for unlimited text messaging since his 10-year-old got an iPhone.


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