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The 2014 Completely Responsible (Yet Still Very Fun) Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season to buy things your family and friends might actually still use this time next year.

There’s no law that says gifts can’t be stylish and fun while still being functional, so we put together a list of various items -- from inexpensive stocking stuffers to more expensive, big-ticket gifts.

Our goal was to find an assortment of items that were not only cool and useful, but could also serve a greater purpose in life; even if that purpose is putting a smile on someone’s face.

Okay, enough sappiness. Let’s get to the goods.

Streamlight Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight

It’s a keychain light. No biggie, right? Wrong. For every one of these Red Nano Lights sold, Streamlight will donate $1.00 to The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. It’s definitely a stocking stuffer with a purpose. ($6.50)

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AmazonBasics Stylus for Touchscreen Devices

A stylus for your iPad, Kindle Fire or other tablet is such a simple thing that can make a huge difference. It makes it easier to write notes and navigate touchscreens, especially for those with physical ailments like arthritis. AmazonBasics, which offers affordable power cords, chargers, and other electronic accessories, has two versions: Plain or colorful. (Plain: $7; Colorful: $15)

Buy Plain Black Stylus | Buy Capacitive Colorful Stylus

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cable Management

Keep all those unruly wires on your desk under control with this little piece of rubber, which is available in four different colors: black, white, pink, blue. It has five grips with four slots, each of which can hold the ends of power cords, USB cords, cell phone chargers, audio cables, headphones, etc... Basically, if it’s in the shape of a cord, this awesome thing can hold it. ($8.50)

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Kuhn Rikon Auto Safety Master Opener

This ergonomic combination can and bottle opener will become the unsung hero of your kitchen. It comes in red, black and green, features touchless lid removal, the cutting wheel never contacts food, and it cuts from the side leaving a smooth, non-jagged rim. ($20)

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Not only will this personal water filter provide you clean drinking water in an emergency -- it can filter up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water -- the company also makes sure that every purchase made help kids in developing countries. ($20)

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Simon Swipe

Simon Sez has gotten a makeover and an upgrade. Featuring four games, including classic Simon, it’s fun way to keep your hand-eye coordination sharp. ($15)

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Gaiam Restore Ribbon Muscle Therapy Foam Roller

This foam roller, which relieves stress and muscle tightness, was specifically designed for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with $1 from each roller sold going to fund Breast Cancer Research. So it makes you feel good and the proceeds can make someone else feel good. Classic win-win. ($25)

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Laura Ashley Garden Gloves and Kneeling Cushion

Keep the gardener in your life happy. The gloves protects hands ($14.50), the cushion saves knees ($25). The fact that this stuff is stylish is just a bonus.

Buy The Hand Protector Garden Gloves | Buy The Kneeling Cushion

MAXSA Comfy Cruise Heated Travel Blanket

A comfy blanket (it’s right there in the name) that plugs into your car’s 12-volt charger. It’s big enough to cover two people, comes in three patterns (navy blue, leopard, plaid), and the timer will automatically turn it off after 30 or 45 minutes so no need to worry about getting too hot. ($36)

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AAA Severe Weather Road Kit

The ultimate go-bag for your trunk. (Trunk bag?) This should come standard with every car, but since it doesn’t, it’ll make a great gift. It includes a 45-piece first aid kit, flashlight, folding shovel, hand warmers, and more. ($40)

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Quirky “Porkfolio” Smart Piggy Bank

This lil’ piggy syncs with a smartphone app so you can track all the money you put in its cute belly. Did we mention that the nose lights up every time you insert coins? Because it totally does. ($40)

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Jackery Portable Charger

This charger has serious power and provides multiple charges for smartphones and tablets before needing to be recharged. Just remember to plug it in once in a while to keep it full of juice. (By juice we mean electricity, of course. Though it’d be great if this would also dispense orange or pineapple juice. So thirsty…) ($40)

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Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 3-Pod Indoor Garden

The perfect green fix for those who want to garden all-year-round. This mini-garden will fit anywhere, it’s easy to use, and allows you to grow fresh herbs, salad greens, flowers and more. ($50)

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Kinivo BTC455 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

Know a person who should be using bluetooth in their car but doesn’t want to make the necessary modifications? Or maybe someone who travels a lot and could use a safe device for the rental cars? This little gadget plugs into the power jack and provides hands-free calling via the car stereo AUX input. You can also stream music from your phone and use the simple controls to play, pause, and change tracks. ($50)

Buy It

Magic Bullet NutriBullet

Someone you know is about to get very healthy. This 12-piece high-speed blender/mixer system will obliterate fruits and vegetable into delicious beverages. It’s easy to clean and could inspire the family to cut back on the unnatural sweets. Or you can just use it to make milkshakes. We’re not here to judge. ($55)

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Five Four Club

If you have a man in your life that hates shopping for new clothes, this is your salvation. For $60 a month, Four Five Club sends you a box of stylish duds valued at $120. We’re no math wizards, but that sounds like a pretty good deal. It’s also the easiest (and laziest) way to make sure he’s constantly refreshing his wardrobe. ($60 per month, gift cards available)

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Lululemon’s Totally Toasty Neck Warmer

Impress the woman in your life with this Lululemon Sherpa Fleece-lined neck warmer. Not only is this stylish and cool, it was also a sneaky way for us to find out what our co-founder wanted this holiday season. Enjoy the huge scarf, Abby! (Please tell me someone remembered to buy her this scarf. Ugh, really? Well, it’s the thought that counts, right?) ($78)

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WakaWaka Power+ Solar Charger

This phone-charger/flashlight is water-resistant, durable, and powered by the sun. It can also be charged directly via USB if it happens to be cloudy where you live. (We’re looking at you, Seattle.) There’s also a charitable component: With each unit sold, the company donates one of these to someone in need around the planet. Plus, the company’s name reminds us of Fozzy Bear:

Buy It ($80)

Leatherman 830039 New Wave Multitool

This Leatherman will do everything but your taxes. It features 17 full-sized tools including 2 pliers, wire cutters, 2 knives, saw, scissors, 2 files, bottle opener and more. ($90)

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Philips Wake-Up Light

Have a tough time waking up in the morning? Perhaps it’s time to update your alarm clock with this innovative wake-up light, which simulates a sunrise on your nightstand. The light gradually builds as the set wake-up time approaches and there’s a choice between five different wake-up sounds ranging from birds to the ocean to a gentle piano. It also has a sunset dimming feature to help send you off to slumberland. ($140)

Buy It (Model #HF3520)

Bios Urn

Urns don’t typically appear on gift guides, but Everplans isn’t really typical. Now, who wants to be a tree? This fully biodegradable urn contains a seed which will grow into a tree of your choice. If they could only transform loved ones into Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy this would be the greatest thing on our whole guide. ($145)

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WD My Passport Wireless 1 TB Wi-Fi Mobile Storage

This external drive can wirelessly connect to eight devices and is perfect for the person who never remembers to backup their computer, tablet, or phone. It can also be used to stream movies, music and photos, but most importantly it’ll keep your important files safe and retrievable if you have a computer meltdown. ($180)

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Dropcam Pro

The Dropcam wireless HD video monitoring camera is the easiest way to stay connected to your home, family, and pets when you’re not there. Put the camera anywhere in your home and monitor from your phone, tablet, or computer via the free live streaming. It’s great for security, and also as a non-intrusive way to monitor loved ones who may have a difficult time caring for themselves but still desire independence. ($200)

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GoPro Hero4

This ultra durable GoPro shoots in beautiful 4K resolution and slow-motion. It’s pricey, but it’ll stand up to the elements, be it jungles, mountains, or clumsy little children hands. ($500)

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iRobot Scooba 450

It’s a floor scrubbing robot. Yes, a robot. That scrubs your floor. What more do we need to say? ($600)

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Gene Newman

Editorial Director, Everplans

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